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So relatable and fun!

I love how relatable and fun this show is! The conversations, how free flowing it is, the laughter all of it!

Like a cup of coffee with girlfriends

This podcast truly feels like coffee with friends. I love the chemistry between the hosts, and the fact that you can truly hear one topic from a variety of angles. A great listen for moms or women who want to feel like part of the gang. Well done, ladies!


So relatable, entertaining, thought provoking. Thank you for sharing your light to a world that needs more women that take action despite the messiness of life. Tanya Saunders


These girls are hilarious!! Such a fun and refreshing podcast.

Finally!! Asian American Voices!!

This podcast is super entertaining since the chemistry between the ladies is obvious, but it also touches on real topics that everyone can relate to. They give it to you straight and aren’t afraid to have differing views. I love the humor and spice in the conversations. Looking forward to hearing the rest of the season!

Much needed topics of conversation

Love this podcast!! I love hearing discussions about very relatable topics, which bring us all back to our own Asian American childhood experiences and things we struggle with today. These mamas are all so incredible, and I love hearing such deep, emotional, and uncomfortable conversations. I’ve known T. Lo for over 17 years, and I’ve met the other Tiffs and Isa. These ladies are truly beautiful and insightful women. Their hearts come from a genuine place of wanting to inspire change and focusing on issues many Asian Americans don’t know how to begin discussing. I look forward to hearing more. Congrats on an amazing beginning ladies!!

Love love love

Finally found voices that I could relate to. The four ladies TITT have amazing chemistry together and it’s obvious that they have so much fun together. Listening to their podcast feels like scoring an invitation to their fun and insightful hangouts. Can’t wait to hear more episodes!

Voices need to be heard

So as you ladies embarked on this journey! No one talks enough about these topics and although I am just listening in - I feel connected to you ladies and the journey we have all trekked differently but connecting the same topics! Love this!

Podcasts needed this voice!

Love hearing about growing up Asian American! I identify with all their stories so much and it’s great to know we have a community with shared experiences. They all have such fun and varied personalities and it feels like hanging out with a group of friends! Can’t wait to hear more!

Entertaining, intelligent and fun

Love listening to the unique yet universal perspective these four women have to offer. Their warmth, humor and love for each other shines throughout the podcast. I’m so glad they had the courage to take the leap and put their voices out into the world. The first episode flew by! Can’t wait to hear more.

Amazing podcast!

I have known these ladies for almost 20 years and I’m so happy they put this podcast together. Some really great episodes to look forward to. It’s literally like hearing a conversation with old friends (in my case, because they are actually my friends 😊) But even if you don’t know them, they make their conversation so easy to listen to - all have their unique personalities and bring so much to the table. Love this so much!!!